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hooters-pantyhose-6.jpg The famous HOOTERS PANTYHOSE that we all seen worn by waitresses all over the USA are actually not HOOTERS brand. They are PEAVEY brand. A second brand that comes up close is the TAMARA brand. Both brands are shiny, silky, smooth and a great addition to anyone's legs. Comfortable too with  great support and durability. That of course is secondary to their sexy look.

These pantyhose are the authentic PEAVEY brand that men love to see and women love to wear!

The footed or unfooted support pantyhose has an incredible shiny sheen that makes legs look so sexy!

Waitresses at the Hooters restaurants, cheerleaders, dancers and sexy people seek out this style of smoothing leg wear.

These are durable and will hide blems plus last much longer as well.

Amazing how great these pantyhose, not stockings or nylons are. Pantyhose can make so many different outfits look sexier and greater than going with bare legs!

Sheer to waist design with a small cotton crotch or no gusset at all (suntan only) are a great find.

Sheer to waist a favorite with short shorts or skirts.

Great for exercising, dancing or under pants for that slimming effect!

Size A and B run small so buy the next size up when possible.

The ‘nude’ color is actually darker than ‘light beige’ (considered nude)

Light Beige = nude and Nude = Almost Beige